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The Mega-Beak is the largest of The Beak family, custom built to fit excavators that are 16-40 metric tons. This attachment is great for demolition, allowing the operator to take down a structure and pull up the footings without having to change attachments. The unique fork grapple design features crowbar style forks that are great for demolition and large scale concrete tear outs. It’s massive jaw utilizes the full power of the machine’s hydraulic force securing large loads of material. The Mega-Beak is made with the highest quality materials and techniques when it is built.

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Mega Beak 200 Uncategorized Leave a Comment

A commercial demolition contractor recently requested a Mega Beak 200 for their Hitachi excavator. We went to work and the results were astonishing. Weighing in at 5,100 pounds with a jaw opening distance of 73 inches, The Mega Beak 200 is a beast. The cylinder bosses were relocated allowing for 5 sets of teeth for more grabbing power. Time proven designs remained unchanged although it’s 50% bigger than it’s predecessor.

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Custom Hydraulic Rake

We often make custom attachments for customers. This Rake attachment is going to a landscaping company who does a lot of interstate median grading, ditches and large scale landscaping projects. It’s wings open to a full 12.3 ft width. If a customer needs a custom attachment, we will do it. Call 309-963-4227 and talk to our equipment experts about your next attachment.

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Watch The Beak Skid Steer Attachment Tear Out a Concrete Pad and Footings In Record Time Uncategorized Leave a Comment

We recently had the opportunity to shoot a concrete pad and footings being torn out by The Beak Skid Steer Attachment.  From start to finish The Beak was able to take everything out in about 20 minutes. It’s definitely the most efficient way to tear out concrete with your kid steer or excavator. Call us today at 309-963-4227 for more information or ordering.

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The Beak Skid Steer Attachment Uncategorized Leave a Comment

The Beak is the best way to tear out concrete with your skid steer. The gripping ability of The Beak is superior to a grapple bucket allowing the user to pick up larger loads while prying out massive slabs of concrete. The Beak is available in many configurations for all sizes of skid steers and excavators.

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The Blue Island Scraper Skid Steer Scraping Attachment – Easily Scrape Up Glue And Flooring Materials Uncategorized Leave a Comment

The Blue Island Scraper universal floor scraping attachment can handle your toughest flooring removal jobs. This scraper has a revolutionary floating head allowing it to follow the contour of the floor for maximum product removal. It can remove vct tile, carpeting, rubber products, epoxy, etc. with ease. The Blue Island Scraper can use a single scraper head for tough conditions or all 3 (additional heads sold separately) for a maximum width of 57” for flooring that is easily removed. Quick change tool holders make changing from scrapers to chisels easy. The scraper also has a built in lockable tool carrier to minimize loss of parts. This is a must have attachment for anyone doing large flooring removal projects.

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Every Tool For Every Application

The Blue Island Scraper comes with tools to scrape every flooring material imaginable. The added weight from the locking tool chest gives it an advantage adding downward force when scraping tough materials. Each scraper comes with the tools seen on the left. Hardox replacement blades can be purchased through your local Blue Island Scraper dealership or by calling us @ 309-963-4227.

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The Beak Custom Pin On Accessories

The Beak Skid Steer Attachment can be ordered with custom pin on accessories. The image displayed above is a Log Shoe designed for lifting pre-cut logs and placing them into shipping containers. Make your Beak more versatile by adding a custom pin on accessory.

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Come See Us @ World Of Concrete Uncategorized

Come see us at World Of Concrete and enter to win a Monkey Fist Concrete Lifting Device. We will be located in the central hall booth  #C6684. Participants do not have to be present to win, so click the button below and enter to win!


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